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Structured Settlements

Understanding How Do Structured Settlements Work?

Structured settlements are created so that the owner or recipient can have financial security from compensation that is split up over a set amount of time. A structured settlement is often created after a lawsuit is decided. The final compensation can be set up as a structured settlement instead of a lump sum, which is often in the best interest of everyone that is involved.

A structured settlement can also be set up when lottery winnings are paid out over a period of time instead of in a lump sum. There are plenty of other ways that structured settlements can arise, but these are among the most common ones, according to Yahoo.

Reasons to Use Structured Settlements

In many cases the recipient will make out better with a structured settlement, because the payments over time can be advantageous to those who do not trust their ability to manage a large amount of money, or who know that they will need certain expenses covered by the settlement over a period of time. When they are deferred, it also makes it less of a financial burden in the short term to the parties making the payments.

It’s Easy to Get Cash for Structured Settlements

Now a days, it’s no longer difficult to find ways to get cash for your structured settlement. It used to be nearly impossible to get a fair deal in a short amount of time. It used to take a long time to find one buyer, let alone set up a situation where you could have a few buyers bidding on your structured settlement. As a result of the change in the way things work, more and more people are benefitting and selling their structured settlements for cash.

Get Cash Quickly

You can really get cash in a hurry for your structured settlements, according to the Structured Settlements Blog. The process is pretty simple and straightforward. Visit a site like www.StructuredSettlement-Quotes.com, and fill out the relevant information in order to request a quote. This is usually a quick and easy process, and you won’t have to provide too much information. Just tell them about your structured settlements, how many payments are remaining and how large they are and then fill in some contact information.

Once that happens, the company in question will get some quotes from potential buyers. They’ll provide you with the best ones, and you will then have a period of time to consider the quotes and decide whether or not to accept one. Usually you’ll have a day or two to decide. You will not be under any obligation to accept one, so it’s a risk-free way to evaluate your options and find out how much money you can get for your structured settlements.

What Happens Next

After you accept an offer, the process of completing the sale will begin. This will involve filling out more forms and documents in order to transfer ownership. You will need to allow some time for everything to be processed and to go through court, and you may need to speak in front of a judge in order to explain why the sale of your structured settlement is in your best interest. They will make a ruling on whether or not to allow the sale, and then you’ll receive your cash right away.

In some cases, the buyer of a structured settlement will even front some of the money to the seller so that they do not have to wait for the process to play out. This can be particularly useful in times when the money is needed in a hurry for an important financial obligation.

Advantages of New Processes

In the past, it was really difficult for most sellers to navigate the process. They didn’t have clear-cut instructions and they had to find a way to locate a potential buyer and then complete the transaction. Now, there are websites that basically serve as marketplaces. This shifts the power in the transaction so that there is more of a balance between the buyer and the seller in terms of leverage. When the buyers know that there are multiple people competing, they are more likely to offer more money and the seller is going to have an increased chance of getting a better deal. On the other hand, the old process used to leave the seller with only one buyer. That meant that they had little or no negotiating power and had to try to get the most out of only one buyer who knew that he or she did not have any competition.

Advantages of Selling a Structured Settlement Online?

If you are considering selling a structured settlement, you are fortunate to live in a time when the Internet offers a lot more options than sellers had in the past. This has created a shift in the marketplace for selling structured settlements, which can be felt both online and offline. However, there are still advantages to selling your structured settlement online.

Quicker Process

When you sell your structured settlement online, you will be able to work your way through a very quick process. You’ll visit a website like www.StructuredSettlement-Quotes.com, and then provide them with some basic information about yourself. This will include you contact information. Then you can fill out a form about the remaining payments on your structured settlement, as well as any other pertinent details. This entire process can be done at once and shouldn’t take up much of your time.

After you provide the information, the quotes will start coming in very quickly. They’ll screen out the best quotes and then provide them to you to consider, at which point you can make a decision on whether or not to accept one and go ahead and sell your structured settlements. This part of the process can move very quickly when you sell online, and it can be wrapped up in just a couple of days.

This enables you to move toward the sale a lot faster, which means that you can get the cash that you need in a hurry. As a result, it is a huge advantage in selling your structured settlements online.

Easy to Understand the Process

When you sell your structured settlement online, you can easily pull up step-by-step instructions and read them so that you understand what is happening and what information you need to provide.

This way you won’t have to worry about whether or not you missed anything or provided all of the necessary information. You simply follow the steps and then wait for the quotes to come rolling in. It really doesn’t get any easier than that.

In addition to being simple, it won’t require much work. You don’t have to worry about making a phone call or scheduling a meeting. You can simply fill out the forms that are needed on your own time in the comfort of your own home.

More Offers and Better Offers

When you sell your structured settlement online, you are increasing your chances of getting more offers and higher offers. This is because the people who want to buy your structured settlement know that they are competing with a number of other buyers. As a result, they will offer more money to increase their odds of placing the winning bid.

This is a far cry from the offline process in the past, because it used to be very difficult to find buyers. You’d be lucky to find one person interested in buying your structured settlement, let alone enough to create a bidding war.

Best Way to Find Structured Settlement Buyers

If you have considered selling your structured settlement before, you may have had a difficult time locating potential buyers. This has been a common problem in the past, so it has caused a lot of people to shy away from selling their structured settlements. However, if you believe that it might be in your best interest to investigate your options with regard to selling your structured settlement, you owe it to yourself to find some potential buyers. Then you can get quotes and figure out exactly how much cash could be on the table for your structured settlement.

Benefits of Selling a Structured Settlement

There are a number of advantages to selling your structured settlement. Some of them are predicated around short-term benefits, while others are part of a long-term strategy that can lead to more financial security in the future.

If you have short-term financial needs that you cannot afford to handle, then selling your structured settlement can get you the lump sum of money that you need in order to solve your financial problems. Often times, periodic payments aren’t enough to help, but the lump sum from the structured settlement can be enough to make a major difference in your current financial situation.

Another scenario might arise when you have an investment opportunity that you cannot afford to take advantage of given your current financial situation. However, when you sell your structured settlement, you will have the large amount of money needed to make the investment. This can give you great financial security in the future.

Find Out if You Can Sell Your Structured Settlement

According to WikiHow, the first step in the process of deciding whether or not to sell is simply to determine whether or not you can sell your structured settlement. Some structured settlements are not transferable at all, but usually that will not be the case. In fact, even if there is some language in yours that says it is not transferable, you should speak to an expert.

In many cases, courts will rule for the owner of the structured settlement to be able to sell it if it is in their best interest. Thus, you shouldn’t give up just because you aren’t entirely sure whether you’ll be able to sell it. In fact, in some states, there are laws on the books that protect the rights of owners of structured settlements to be able to sell them, regardless of what any language in the agreement itself says.

How to Find the Buyers

The new way to find structured settlement buyers certainly beats the old one. All you have to do now is visit a website like StructuredSettlement-Quotes.com and fill out the forms to provide information about your structured settlement. Once you provide some details about the remaining payments and the value of your structured settlement, they will be able to get you some great quotes on offers to buy it from you for a lump sum of money. When buyers compete with each other to put in the best bid, it benefits you greatly.

Selling Your Structured Settlements Can Be a Windfall At the Right Time

More and more people are finding that selling their structured settlements can be a huge benefit to their financial well-being. There are a lot of reasons to consider selling your structured settlements, so you should definitely consider whether it is right for you.
Before you can decide whether you should go through with a sale or not, you need to try to figure out what a reasonable offer would be on the remaining payments in your structured settlements.

Discounting Payments for Time

When you sell your structured settlements now, you’ll have to understand that you will not get the full value of the remaining payments. There are a couple of reasons for this. The first is that money now is worth more than the same amount of money in the future, as it will have the opportunity to gain interest over time. As a result, the fair value for the structured settlement is actually less than the total sum of the remaining payments.

In addition, you have to keep in mind that the people buying structured settlements do need to turn a profit, so that will be factored into the discounted rate as well. Thus, you’ll want to make sure that you have realistic expectations with regard to how much money you expect to receive for your structured settlement. Once you do that, you can proceed in the process and try to get a few quotes and weigh your options.

How to Get Quotes

It’s really easy now to get quotes for your structured settlements, according to Market Watch. All you have to do is find a site that is offering quotes, such as www.StructuredSettlement-Quotes.com. You can then enter a little bit of information about your structured settlement, as well as your contact information. They will then shop your structured settlement around to buyers, looking for the best offers.

What is Your Structured Settlement Worth?

If you are considering selling your structured settlement, you need to know how much it is worth so that you understand whether or not the offers that you are getting are fair and reasonable. Given that you will be able to get quotes off of a marketplace that pits different buyers against one another, you should have a reasonably high likelihood of getting a good offer. The process online tilts the leverage in your favor by creating competition.

Even with that said, you need to know what your structured settlement is worth so that you can set a target price that you will receive. Make sure that you evaluate all of the factors carefully and make a decision that is not based upon impulse so that you do not make a decision that you regret in the future.

In order to figure out the present value, there are a number of different things that you need to take into account. They are laid out below, based on the present value calculator from StructuredSettlement-Quotes.com.

Determine Structured Settlement Payments that Work for You

When creating the terms for the structured settlement payments that one would receive to help deal with the aftermath of an injury, many factors are going to come into play. Some of the things that you are going to have to determine while coming up with the settlement include the date the settlement will begin, the duration of the payments and the periods at which the payments come due. Determining the amount of the payments is important as well, and considers other things, such as the current age of the claimant, all monthly expenses, retirement plans, and more.

In some cases, the payments are going to be tax-free. Payments made to an estate might be free of income tax, for example. However, they will have an estate tax associated with them. If you have a payment plan in place and it is currently tax-free, then you are not going to want to change the plan, at least not without consulting with a specialist. In fact, making changes to the settlement agreement once it is in place is not always an easy task.

Information on Using Structured Settlement Money for Today’s Needs

Structured settlements represent your victory in court over the individual or company who caused you injury. Most structured settlements are the result of a personal injury case, or a liability case (but that’s not necessarily always the case). The structuring of your settlement was done for a number of reasons, including to help ease the financial burden on the defendant, and it was also based on your needs at the time, but needs change. Can you use structured settlement money for today’s needs?

Changing Needs

Life is all about change. Hopefully, those changes are for the better, but all too often, they’re not. For instance, if your settlement came about as the result of a personal injury, your payments certainly helped pay for medical bills at the time. But what if you’ve now lost your job due to your injury? What if you’re facing foreclosure on your home? In instances like these, it would be nice to have a lump sum of cash, simply because those monthly payments aren’t enough to meet your financial needs today.

How You Can Change Your Circumstances

While you can’t go back in time and revisit your original settlement case, there is a way that you can start using structured settlement money for today’s needs. You can sell part or all of your payments to a company that buys structured settlements and get cash up front. How does this work? It’s at once simple and complex.

Can I Get a Cash Advance on a Structured Settlement?

Structured settlements are very common. America has billions of dollars tied up in these payment programs. For all their benefits, though, they can be lacking in many ways. In most instances, a structured settlement will offer a specific amount of money each month over a long period of time. Once set, you can’t get more money per month or increase the frequency of payments. For those who find that their financial needs are greater than what their settlement offers, the situation begs the question, “Can I get a cash advance on a structured settlement?”.

The Short Answer

To give you the short answer, yes, you can get a cash advance on your structured settlement. This gives you the means to improve your financial situation right away. However, the situation is not necessarily as simple as it seems.

The Reality

In reality, any time you consider getting a cash advance against your structured settlement, you’re basically selling a portion of your payments to a buyer in exchange for cash on the barrelhead. You don’t have to sell all of your settlement to get a cash advance, and most people don’t. In fact, selling only part of the settlement is the most common action for payees, though full settlement sales are certainly possible as long as they meet the necessary legal requirements.

About our Certified Funders

Settlement Quotes certifies that each Funder that bids on your structured settlement or other annuity payments meets the following minimum conditions:

  1. BBB Accredited Business—must be registered with the Better Business Bureau, have not more than 5 BBB complaints since registration, and have no unresolved complaints.
  2. Not Broker—must have management of the transfer process and access to its own funding sources and not merely a broker.

A Look at the Advantages to Using Structured Settlement Brokers

Selling your structured settlement gives you access to a lump sum of cash immediately. This can be enormously beneficial, particularly if you are facing serious financial difficulties. Whether you’ve lost your job, have mounting medical bills or need to get your creditors off your back, that lump sum can be essential. However, you should never attempt to sell your payments on your own – you need to work with an expert. Using structured settlement brokers offers a number of essential advantages.

Help Choosing the Right Path

You’ll find that not all structured settlement offers are the same. Some companies might only want to buy part of your payments. Other companies might charge you a steep percentage of your total amount, leaving you with less money than you should have. Still other companies might not have a particularly good reputation. Working with structured settlement brokers ensures that you have help choosing the offers that best match your specific situation and financial needs.

Get Your Offers Fast

Another advantage to working with structured settlement brokers lies in the speed you’ll have in getting offers. If you’re attempting to do this on your own, it can take a very long time just to find reputable buyers, much less start receiving offers for your settlement. When you work with a quality broker, you can start receiving offers almost immediately. This increased speed is highly beneficial for anyone struggling with a less than ideal financial situation. Obviously, the sooner you can get offers, the sooner you can begin the process and receive the cash you need.

Reasons to Sell a Structured Settlement

Structured AnnuityA structured settlement is a financial tool setup buy a licensed financial planner after a judgment on a personal injury tort claim.

Many times these structured settlement annuities are setup for years in the future expecting the individual will not be able to obtain any other fixed income through employment or in any other manner. This is not always true. Many individuals recover from their injuries and can return to work not needing their structured settlement to pay for medical expenses or unemployment. This is the first reason to sell a structured settlement. Although it is not recommended to sell your future payments just because you return to work or do not have medical expenses to pay, but it is an option.

What Risks Do Structured Settlement Purchasers Face?

Selling structured settlements is nothing new, and it’s becoming increasingly common, particularly as the economy continues to struggle. While ongoing payments in a structured settlement offer stability to payees, there can be an immense need for immediate cash right now. For instance, job loss, back bills, danger of defaulting on a mortgage and other financial concerns can convenience structured payment holders that now is the time to sell. However, buyers face some risks in the process.

Court Considerations

One of the first risks that structured settlement purchasers will face is the court process. Selling structured settlements is not a simple, expedient process. Every single sale will have to go through the court so a judge can determine if the sale is possible. One of the first risks purchasers will face is that the judge will deny the sale off the bat. It’s certainly possible, as the law leaves this to the judge’s discretion.

State Laws Add Complications

Payees cannot sell structured settlements for just any old reason. For instance, they can’t sell their payments if they want to go on vacation or buy a second home. They can’t sell if they want to use that money to refurbish their homes or to put their children through college. Most states have laws on the books stating that not only must the payee show proof of need that would make the sale necessary, but that the sale itself would be in the payee’s best interest (this is done to keep sales to unscrupulous buyers out of the picture).

A Structured Settlement Investment

Settlement Quotes can provide buying opportunities to Financial Institutions, Mutual Funds and Accredited Investors looking to invest in guaranteed Fixed Term Annuities such as structured settlements. These payment streams offer secure guaranteed structured settlement investments.

Structured settlement investments have grown over the past years to become a main stream financial product for private investors in today's market. Some settlement planners are even repackaging these structured settlement investments and selling them to their own clients. The reason some settlement planners chose to use a structured settlement investment as a repackaged structured settlement is because the rights in our product or far superior to the annuity that would have to be purchased now.

Settlement Quotes is a structured settlement exchange company which facilitates lump-sum cash payments in return for future annuity payments. These annuity and structured settlement payments are transferred through a court approval process at a discounted rate.

Your $1,000,000.00 invested today with our annuities could grow to $1,489,845.71 in 5 years. If you buy U.S. Treasuries your $1,000,000.00 will amount to only $1,225,452.19 in 5 years.  If you invest in conventional annuities such as those offered by Midland National, you will end up with $1,240,230.75 in 5 years.   As such, Settlement Quotes annuities will earn you $264,393.52 more than U.S. Treasuries and $249,614.96 more than typical annuities.

That isn't all, when comparing Settlement Quote’s annuities to U.S. Treasuries, Fidelity High Income Bond Fund, and S&P 500 Index historically over the past 5 and 10 year periods our investments fared at least two times as well as the best of the other investment options over the past 5 years and almost as well as the S&P 500 Index over the past 10 year equity boom.

In short, for safe and secure fixed-income investments Settlement Quote's annuities are second to none.

Let us help you with your structured settlement and annuity investing needs.

Call us today and one of our structured settlement investment specialists would be pleased to explain how.

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What Are Structured Settlements and What Should You Know?

When most people think about winning the lottery, they imagine receiving a huge lump sum of money all at one time. However, the reality is that most people avoid the lump sum payment option when buying their ticket, choosing the “annuity” payout instead. This puts winners immediately into a “structured settlement” arrangement. While lottery winnings might not be the same thing as a personal injury case settlement, the outcome is very similar.

In essence, you are choosing to receive your money in installments over the course of time. The structure of those payments (when, how long, how much per payment, etc.) is usually up to you, so you can choose to have as much or as little structure as you like. You can often choose to structure part of the settlement into payments and receive the remainder as a lump sum upfront, but that is really your decision.

The situation seems simple enough, and the choice to accept payments rather than a lump sum seems like a “no-brainer”. Wouldn’t it be better to receive your money over time, like a paycheck? While it might make sense, it doesn’t always work the way you think it would. When considering what structured settlements are, you’ll need to realize that life has a way of changing the game and once you have opted for a structured settlement and the payout format is in place, it’s pretty much set. Your money will technically be locked away from you, inaccessible except for those periodic payments.

Structured Settlement Purchasers

Settlement Quotes provides a marketplace for structured settlement purchasers. We provide you with up to 6 quotes and bids for your future structured settlement payments from top cash flow funding companies.

Structured settlement purchasers are able to provide a lump sum payment in exchange for your periodic and future structured settlement payments.

Settlement Quotes will find the best purchaser for your structured settlement payments from our list of Certified Funding Partners. As our Funding Partners compete for your business, the discount rate decreases. This provides you with thousands of extra dollars in your lump sum payment.

The national average discount rate is 19.2%. Settlement Quotes provides you with an average discount rate of 9%. This has turned Settlement Quotes into the leading structured settlement marketplace in the industry. We consistently provide our clients with the best quotes. Not only do you receive the best quotes, but we do our best to provide the fastest service in the industry. This usually takes between 6 to 8 weeks to accomplish.

If you would like to sell your structured settlement payments, please fill out the short form on the left or call us at 888-665-1257. We will provide you with up to six quotes and bids from top structured settlement purchasing companies.

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Get Cash for your Personal Injury Structured Settlement

  • Receive an immediate quote for your personal injury structured settlement payments.
  • Cash completed within 6-8 weeks upon court approval.
  • Companies will compete to purchase your personal injury structured settlement.

Settlement Quotes (SQ) provides cash for your personal injury structured settlement. You will receive 4 quotes and bids from the best financial firms in the country. SQ also provides lawsuit advances as well.

If you are a structured settlement recipient, SQ will exchange your settlement payments for a lump sum of cash.

Our average discount rate is 11% compared to the national average which is 19.2%. This rate turns into thousands of extra dollars in your pocket that other companies cannot offer. Advanced funding companies compete for your business.

If you are receiving structured settlement payments or future payments, Settlement Quotes would like to help you make the decision whether selling your personal injury structured settlement payment rights is in the best interest of your family and dependents. This can be a very difficult decision especially in today's economy. If you would like to speak with one of our Certified Funding partners who may be able to help you with your decision, please call us today at 888-665-1257.

Thousands of people every year cash in their periodic payments for a lump sum of cash for many reasons. Most of these reasons occur due to financial obligations that are not being reached. SQ is here to help.

A Structured Settlement usually refers to a deferred payment obligation resulting from a personal injury settlement or lawsuit. Typically these settlements are paid out over several years or in a lump sum several years away. Many times this payment stream is not sufficient enough and the individual needs a lump sum payment now.

The insurance company usually purchases a structured settlement annuity which is paid out over several years. SQ can turn your future payments from your personal injury settlement into a lump sum of cash. You will receive four quotes and bids for your future payments.

Call us at 888-665-1257 or fill out the form above and get your quotes today.

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Annuitants Must Beware of Unscrupulous Companies and False Information

For annuitants seeking to sell their structured settlements, Settlement Quotes offers this advice: seller beware.

Dallas, TX (Vocus) May 3, 2010 -- For annuitants seeking to sell their structured settlements, Settlement Quotes offers this advice: seller beware.

There is an entire competitive marketplace with companies offering the "best prices" for structured settlement recipients interested in selling. Many of these companies are not telling the truth, according to industry expert Andrew Cravenho.

"Many companies in the industry are designed to maximize profits, and in return they offer annuitants the lowest possible amount for their future structured settlement payment rights," he said.

These companies may say "they are using the same software that judges use to find the present value of their annuity payments." Cravenho said that this is simply not true.

"Every payment stream can be purchased at a higher price depending on the rate the payment is being purchased. For example an 8 percent discount rate would yield a higher price to the annuitant than a 9 percent rate would," he said.

Another company told a annuitant that their case would be denied in court if they were offered "too much" for their structured settlement, Cravenho said. This also is completely false.

He advises annuitants to shop their payments to multiple companies, or use a company that will shop their payments to multiple investors. They also should check with the Better Business Bureau before entering into any agreement.

Cravenho is CEO of Settlement Quotes, LLC, a structured settlement factoring exchange with a unique business model that allows it to give annuitants the best prices.

About Settlement Quotes

Settlement Quotes is a market leader in providing a marketplace for the purchase and sale of structured settlement payments and other annuities in every state. It provides quotes on structured settlement and other insurance annuity payments. For more information, visit www.structuredsettlement-quotes.com.

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