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What You Should Know When Choosing between Companies That Buy Structured Settlements

The choice to accept a structured settlement might seem irreversible, but it’s not. Many people find that while a structured settlement makes sense on paper, it doesn’t work well for their personal situation. From back bills to paying for their children’s education, that money could be put to use right away in their lives. There are companies out there that buy structured settlements, though, so you’re not really locked into those periodic payments. What should you know when choosing between companies that buy structured settlements?

Compare, Compare, Compare

The most important thing to remember when selling structured settlements is that not all buyers are the same. Just as with any other industry, there are worthwhile companies and those that should be avoided. How do you tell the difference? The best way to make a wise choice is to compare your options. By comparing offers from various companies, you can determine which ones offer the best benefits.

Key Factors in Your Comparison

During your comparison of different companies that buy structured settlements, it’s vital that you compare several key factors. For instance, you need to ensure that all offers you consider are in compliance with state and federal law. You also need to ensure that you’re working with a company that offers the most cash possible for your structured settlement. No company will offer you 100% of the money that you would eventually receive over the life of your payment program, but you can choose one that offers the chance to receive most of it.

SSQ Structured Settlement Quotes Inc Expands Bidding Marketplace



Structured Settlement Quotes Inc. expands its network of structured settlement purchasers as it welcomes its newest Certified Funding Partner, who is expected to enter its bidding marketplace on April 5th 2012.

The introduction of their latest funding partner, a US-based mid-sized institution with an outstanding reputation in the financial services and investment industry, is the result of a year-long search and assessment of no less than half a dozen financial institutions.

Get Money for Structured Settlement Payments


A definition from the North Carolina Superior Court Judges 2008 Summer Conference states that a structured settlement is an arrangement for receiving periodic payments of damages reached in resolution of a tort claim. The damages may be due to physical sickness or injuries as well as workers’ compensation claims.

Structured settlement payments have received increased popularity in the United States since the 1970s and more than $100 billion has been paid to fund them. The payments are usually received on a periodic basis. However, the installment-like payments do not suit every person. Fortunately, it is possible to get a lump sum payment in exchange for structured settlement payments.

What is a Structured Settlement Factoring Loan?

A structured settlement factoring loan is an option when you receive a structured settlement that results from a personal injury lawsuit. A structured settlement is an award in which the victor of the lawsuit will receive periodic payments over a specified time. If this arrangement does not meet your current needs you may consider a structured settlement loan. To obtain a structured settlement factoring loan you will need to sell all or part of your future payments for a one-time lump sum of money.

5 Predictions for Structured Settlement Factoring in 2011 (Part 1)

2010 was a great year for most structured settlement factoring companies. Record low rates created attractive propositions for annuitants, a struggling economy was a catalyst for more annuitants to sell their annuities, and ample investor funds supported the influx of cases. It was the perfect storm for many of the companies within the industry.

Towards the end of 2011, some structured settlement factoring companies could see their demise.

The Servicing of Structured Settlement Payments

What is the servicing of structured settlement payments?

The servicing of structured settlement payments occurs when an annuitant enters into a structured settlement factoring agreement in which the annuitant chooses to split one or more payments and the factoring company becomes the payee of the entire payment. Once the factoring company receives the entire payment from the insurance company, they keep their agreed upon amount and pay the annuitant their portion.

Broker vs Direct Funder- Structured Settlement Factoring

In a recent article published by a representative of Stone Street Capital, a list of characteristics were provided to look for in a structured settlement factoring company that you may want to do business with.

Here is a summarized list:

  1. Is the company you are working with a broker or direct funder?
  2. How long has the company been in business?
  3. Is the company you are working with a member of the Better Business Bureau? If so, what is their rating?

Update: Time Value of Money in Factoring Transactions

John Darer of Structured Settlements 4 Real pointed out an error in Settlement Quotes most recent post. We provided a chart that illustrated the amount of money an individual could receive if they invested their lump sum payment after factoring their structured settlement. It is important to note that the future value figures are not accurate due to tax implications involved in investing money.

Examination of a Structured Settlement Factoring Case

John Darer of Structured Settlements 4 Real published a disturbing article yesterday afternoon about an individual interested in selling the rights to a structured settlement with the following details: dice

  • Annuity set up in 1983
  • The caller stated that this money would be used for investment purposes, but would not go into detail.
  • The annuitant is disabled and suffers from the incident 25 years ago.
  • Annuitant is a resident of California
  • Caller was not the annuitant or financial consultant

Comments by Ron Walters Against the Settlement Factoring Industry

West VirginiaJake Stump of the Charleston Daily Mail published an article this morning about the pending legislation bill for structured settlement factoring companies in West Virginia. The new West Virginia bill would require the following:

  1. courts to appoint a guardian ad litem (attorney or other financial professional to act as the person's guardian in front of the court)
  2. changing the standard for approval from “best interests” to requiring clear and convincing evidence that the transfer is to avoid a financial hardship (and is in the seller’s best interest)
  3. companies buying structured settlement annuities would be required to pay their own attorneys' fees in court

Summer of Factoring 2008- 10 Potential Improvements

Structured Settlement FactoringIt may be time for regulators and industry leaders to improve the structured settlement factoring industry for consumers who need liquidation of their periodic payments. Many will argue that the structured settlement factoring industry is fine "as it is," but these improvements will help both the primary and secondary markets. Here are 10 improvements that can be accomplished by summers end:

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