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Settlement Quotes has received several inquiries regarding structured settlement factoring companies delaying their obligation to pay annuitants.

Here are a few of the blog comments that Settlement Quotes has received in the past few months:

"JASON JAMERSON- I began the sell of an annuity payment with Stone Street Capital on Aug. 5th 2008 because they promised to meet my simple demands that I be funded by NOV.15 2008.Well it is Feb.18 2009 and I have received a very small advance they are calling a loan and more excuses about the economy being the reason for me not being funded yet.They are pulling excuses from a hat telling asking if my name is my real name and is it legal and so on when they have all documentations ,court approval cooperation the insurance company,and all notarized so-called legal papers obtained by them(Stone Street Capital)provide to be necessary to be funded by them. Stone Street Capital,INC. has breached everything they had told me in early AUGUST OF 2008 to make me decide to go with them to purchase a future annuity payment of mine to receive a lump sum within 30 days, my reason for selling the payment early to simply get my license back pay some collections and open a business and purchase equipment .Since August they have done nothing advance my funds and even just recently fired the person I Have been speaking to for the last seven months."

"Mike (regarding Stone Street post)- I’ve been waiting two months since we went to court to recieve my cash and I started this process back in October with them because they promised fast result."

"Lynda Reilly-I started this contract with Seneca One in August 29 2008. I was quoted several dollar amounts which were nothing of the dollar amounts that the phone sales person first quoted me. After paperwork was started the quote went from a large dollar amount down to a very low dollar amount. They said, at first they would be getting the money from my former investors at the time of the transaction. So when the court date was over on 10/10/08, they told me they would not get the money from my investors until 2010. Also at this time they would not advance me the dollar amount on the contract, they did advance me small dollar amounts at my request. But they said they were waiting for my former investor to sign papers. I called my former investors and they said, they had signed off the agreement in Oct 14,2008 when I went back to my rep. he told me that there was nothing down as of November the 19th 2008. With follow up to my original investor they couldn’t understand why I did not have the money yet, this was in December 20th 2008. I was told by Seneca One that the reason for the delay was because of the stock market, and several more reasons. I have not receive the full dollar amount as of yet it is Feb.-05 2009, they did how ever advance me money to cover my bills. But the money I was suppose to be getting should have been in a bank with interest I would receive. They final sent me the finalized paperwork to sign off with the rest of the dollar amount without interest. I feel I have been treated unfairly by this company at my own expense. I tried one more time today February 05,2009, to retrieve my money that they did not even agree to advance me and they have not even called or email me when the money would be with in my procession, they keep on avoiding me and telling me the stock market is down. Which as a consumer it makes me think that they have no money to fund me at is time and I should have been directed to another company to sell my investment. I did get finally a letter from Structured Asset Funding L.L.C, which is going to fund the money. But this process has added another 30 days already. Which was on January 7th 2009, I will never go threw this company again and please advice others not too either."

"Wayne Allen- I am in the process of trying to receive the funds promised me by J.G.Wentworth. It had now been 30 days since the judge signed the paperwork. After many, many, many phone calls to different people and many, many lies, they will no longer take my phone calls and I STILL have no answer or monies that I desperately am in need of! Thanks J.G. Wentworth. I will tell EVERYONE that this is the worst company I have ever dealt with. Especially for the amount of monies they are receiving!"

Some of these companies may be experiencing pressure from their investors which has most likely caused rates to increase. A rate increase usually means that they cannot fund your transaction at the agreed upon price. This leaves you with a few options.

  1. Cancel the transaction.
  2. Continue to contact the structured settlement factoring company until your transaction is paid in full.
  3. Find out how much they would be willing to pay now for your transaction.
  4. Contact an attorney to find other legal options.

It is important to remember that you cannot enter into a structured settlement factoring transaction with another company until you have received a cancellation letter from the original structured settlement factoring company.

Please contact us if you have any further questions on this matter.

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