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An Annuity Buyer Can Convert a Structured Settlement into Cash

For most beneficiaries of structured settlements, there are options available to convert the annuity payments into a lump sum of cash. Many individuals that won a lawsuit accepted a structured settlement annuity as their award in the case. However, over time their lifestyle or condition has changed, where the monthly or annual payments are not enough to cover ongoing expenses and medical bills. They find themselves seeking an annuity buyer that will help them convert the remaining worth of their annuity into cash.

Originally, the courts most likely accepted the offer of an annuity payment in lieu of a lump sum of cash to benefit the claimant that won the award. As a way to ensure an ongoing source of income in the years ahead, the judge agreed to a structured settlement. Many times, the courts are eager to allow structured settlements as a way to avoid specific problems when the claimant in the case receives large amounts of money that include:

  • Purchasing big-ticket items including homes and cars
  • Investing in questionable ventures including businesses or purchasing junk stock
  • Simply giving money away to family members, friends and others

Seeking an Annuity Buyer

Sometimes, the structured settlement annuity is simply not enough to meet monthly expenses. Although the annuity offers an income it might not be enough to provide a lifetime of financial security. Often, seeking an annuity buyer is the best option for converting a structured settlement into one large payment, or to sell off a certain portion of the annuity and have the remainder continue to provide a monthly check.

Guide to Receiving a Lawsuit Settlement Advance

Settlement Quotes (SQ) provides lawsuit settlement advances for pre-settlements and settled lawsuits within 24-48 hours of receiving your completed application. SSQ will outline the process to receiving your lawsuit settlement advance. There are a few different steps that can be taken to complete the application process.

1) If you would rather have your attorney complete the application please fill out the short form to the right, and the appropriate documents will be faxed to your attorney. Make sure you contact your attorney to let him/her know that we will be faxing documents to their office to be completed.

2) If you feel comfortable completing the full application please complete the application to the left listed (applicant). We will then fax your attorney the rest of the application.

3) Once you have completed or your attorney has completed the application, please fax it to 866-665-1257.

4) After we receive your application we will contact within 24 hours with your approval or denial. A check will follow within the following 24 hours.

SSQ provides non-recourse loans, which means, if you lose your lawsuit you have no obligation to pay us back for your lawsuit settlement advance.

To start the application process, please complete the application above.

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Why Courts Avoid Lump Sum Settlements and What You Can Do About It

If you have been injured in an accident that was not your fault or have been the victim of shoddy manufacturing quality, you may be entitled to repayment for your pain, suffering and injury. The court will evaluate your case, listen to both sides and then make an award judgment. In some cases, this can be a very significant amount of money. However, if you’re thinking about receiving that money all at one time, it might be best to rethink things. Chances are good the court isn’t going to award a lump sum. Why do courts avoid lump sum settlements?

The Question of Amount

In many instances, courts avoid lump sum settlements because of the amount of the settlement and the detrimental effect it would have on the defendant’s situation if it were awarded all at one time. To avoid completely ruining a company, courts will usually award a structured settlement, allowing the company to pay out slowly, over a long period of time.

The Question of Taxes

Sometimes, accepting a lump sum payment isn’t a good idea for you, particularly when there’s a heavy tax burden to bear. In some cases, you won’t have to pay taxes on a lump sum settlement, but that’s not always the situation and you’ll need to speak with your attorney to determine if accepting an offered lump sum settlement makes sense for you.

Benefits of a Structured Settlement

While getting your money upfront might seem like a good thing (and sometimes it’s necessary), there are some benefits to courts that avoid lump sum settlements. Many awardees find that they spend all of their settlement very quickly, leaving them nothing to live on afterward. A structured settlement avoids this completely.

A Way Out

Even if the court decides that your settlement should be in regular payments rather than as a lump sum, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. There are companies out there that will buy your structured settlement agreement in exchange for a lump sum of cash (less a certain percentage). It’s best to approach this situation with a trusted broker who understands the industry and will help you get the best deal possible for your structured payments. Going it alone here is not advisable, but with the right help from an expert, experienced brokerage, you can have the financial footing that you deserve.

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