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"Can I sell my annuity payments?" Many annuity owners ask this same question every year. The answer is "Yes you can!" SSQ  is here to help. We will provide you Top Dollar for your future annuity payments.

Many individuals also ask, "How do I sell my annuity payments?" SSQ will also provide you with annuity selling tips and FAQ. This will explain the entire process of selling those annuity payments.

There are many reasons for selling a source of fixed income. These reasons usually occur due to a financial burden in the household. A lump-sum payment for those future annuity payments will allow you to pay off that unwanted debt or buy the home you have always wanted. What ever the reason is SSQ will provide you with the best situation possible. Receiving cash for annuity payments is now an ideal situation.

Selling an annuity is a complicated process, but SQ will make this as easy as possible for you. This process usually takes between 6-8 weeks from the day you receive your first quote to the day you receive the check in the mail.

SQ has continuously provided the best quotes in the industry. With annuity buyers competing for your future payments, you can't go wrong. The national average discount rate is 19.2%. StructuredSettlement-Quotes.com has an average discount rate of 11%. This difference in rates puts thousands of dollars in your pocket when you receive your lump-sum check.

If you are ready to sell your annuity payments just fill out the short form on the left or call 1-888-665-1257 and talk to a qualified representative.

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