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  • Receive multiple quotes for your cash settlement.
  • Get a lump payment for a cash settlement.
  • Receive your lump sum cash settlement within 6 weeks.

Have you every imagined a lump sum payment or cash settlement as a result of all those annuity payments that you receive on a monthly basis? Settlement Quotes (SQ) will provide you with 4 lump sum quotes and bids from cash settlement funding companies.

Our lives change drastically over the years. Our needs change as a result of inflation, change in family dynamics and financial needs. Expenses increase, debt increases, college tuition increases, and just about everything else in our world increases too! Everything except our income!

Our Certified Funding partners will compete to buy your cash settlement for a lump sum of money today. These funding partners are the best in the business providing excellent customer service and a speedy court case. If you're unhappy with any of our partners, we will do our best to provide the funding you need immediately.

However, by selling a structured settlement payment for a cash payment up front, many such affected parties can receive that lump sum of money when it matters the most, now. This can provide the means to pay off burdensome debt, replace that old car that keeps failing and costing repair bills, put a child through school, or pay additional medical bills for new issues.

In a structured settlement cash payment, you will have the opportunity to pay off your increasing debt, maybe start that new business that you have always dreamed of.

A cash settlement or lump payment utilizes financial strategies to best meet the needs of you and your family. It creates opportunities to live the way you want to live right now instead of later. A structured settlement keeps you in control of your financial needs by allowing you access to that needed cash.

Why wait years to receive that earned cash, when you can have that cash in hand now? Have you ever wanted to get that advanced degree, but felt you didn't want to create an additional expense? Have you ever wanted to build that vacation home, but never had the cash availability to do so? Maybe you have just retired and have always dreamed of that vacation around the world?

Take advantage of that cash settlement now by utilizing a lump payment from your existing structured settlement payments. Utilize the unique strategies that are available to you. You have earned it! What is stopping you now?

As with anything, there is a cost. For a structured settlement purchase to work, the buyer needs to make a profit off the transaction. For the buyer, doing so represents an investment. The investment needs to produce a gain for the buyer to be interested in paying cash up front. As a result, the seller of the structured settlement accepts a lower amount up front as a lump sum in exchange for selling the rights to the remainder of the structured settlement. For example, a lawsuit may produce a settlement of $10 million to be paid over 20 years. The plaintiff wants to sell after having received payments of $2 million already over time. The buyer will pay a lump sum immediately of $6 million for the rights to receive the remaining $8 million. The plaintiff gives up the greater amount, but gets the cash amount immediately rather than waiting another decade and a half for it.

If you would like to receive a lump-sum cash settlement payment for your current annuity payments or structured settlement payments, please fill out the form to the left and receive a free analysis.

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